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My Great Grandpa’s Shpeck Fry

My Great Grandfather is from Czechoslovakia.  Every Friday he made what he called “shpeck fry”  It is one of my favorite things on Earth.  I was little when he would make this outside on the back porch.  The whole family would come and eat this, good times.

You will need:

Charcoal BBQ, low heat

Thick sliced french bread

A small chunk of slab bacon, REAL slab bacon.  I’ve included a picture.  You can get it at a butcher.  Not raw regular sliced bacon, it’s NOT even close to the same.Image

A couple of cloves of garlic sliced in half

Place piece of slab bacon on grill over slow burning coals.  Allow the bacon to start releasing it’s juices, or grease cause let’s face it, it’s grease, not juice.

Arrange slices of bread all over grill

Immediately pick up the slab bacon with tongs and rub all over the bread as the bread toasts while continually flipping the bread

Right after you rub the bread with the bacon, take a slice of garlic and star rubbing the bread with the raw garlic.

The bread should be toasty, not burned.

The garlic will rub off on the toasted surface of the bread, so it’s up to you how many cloves of garlic you want to use.  It is a strong raw garlic taste, I like a lot, others just like a little.

Then remove the bread and eat immediately.

There you go!

Wonderful Czech, yummy, garlicky, bacon fat, goodness!  I don’t recommend this kind of diet on a daily or weekly basis, but it is GOOD!