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Not Quite The Green Thumb

Now I’m fairly new to gardening and being a successful gardener. Before we bought our first house about 7 years ago, I had a black thumb. Two black thumbs. I live in Arizona and managed to kill cacti just by looking in their general direction.

When we moved into our house, being the cheap bastard I am, I didn’t want to pay to have our backyard landscaped. It was a newly built home, so the backyard was just dirt. This project started out as me just being cheap, but it turned into a new hobby and appreciation.

When I first started designing the yard, I realized we needed rocks. Paying for rocks makes me feel weird. I mean, seriously – they’re rocks! I know we’re not actually paying for the rocks themselves; we’re paying for the convenience of having them sifted and separated into sizes and then brought to a store. I still don’t like paying for rocks. But we bought them anyway. Beautiful reddish-brown gravel and pinkish-red flagstone.

See the picture above? My husband and I built that planter, as well as other planters around the yard. That planter was supposed to be for my cacti garden. I was also trying my hand at tumbling glass from old wine bottles. We even had a pond with fish!


We don’t live in that house anymore. We moved about three years ago and now live in a house that is not ours. I have to admit it makes me sad thinking about that house and my first experience with gardening successfully, among other things. Our shepherd, cattle-dog mix in this picture passed earlier this year from lymphoma.

I try not to think about that house, but I ran across these pictures on the computer a few weeks ago while getting prepared for this blog. I thought to myself, “Huh. Where did I take these pictures? That’s a really pretty garden.” Then it dawned on me that this was my backyard. Like I said, for the past three years I’ve been trying really hard to not think about what I left behind. I had honestly forgotten what it had looked like and didn’t recognize the pictures at first.

For those of you that think Arizona is all barren desert, it’s not and one’s yard definitely does not need to be. I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest and miss the green so much it makes my heart ache sometimes. So when I started landscaping, I looked for every single green, leafy plant that was water-wise. The pictures of flowers I’ve been using so far on our blog are from my old backyard.

Currently, I mostly have indoor plants that I care for. And a couple of months ago, I started some indoor herbs. A few weeks ago, I started propagating them, and they’re growing fantastically. So for now, any posts from me that are gardening related will be about my indoor plants and herbs. I REALLY miss gardening outdoors.

Any other budding gardeners (ex-black-thumbs) out there? What have you planted lately?