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Incredibly Shi$@% Weather in Seattle

Pretty Weather

I wasn’t really sure what to write about, until I woke up for the umpteenth day in a row, looked out the window and saw…nothing.  OK, Saturday was sunny..before that and after has been total crap..CRAP!

During “The Sunny Time”,   I was taking pictures of Mt. Rainier.  The sunset, the sunrise..so pretty.  Now it’s GONE..well, it looks like it’s gone.  I always think of writing a poem about the floating mountain, the mountain that hides in the clouds in the sky.  But as you can see, I can’t write poetry for crap.  So I take pictures.

Today I took my usual pic and it shows nothing..except a reflection I have been catching that looks like a UFO.  It’s pretty cool..except it’s a reflection, not a UFO.  I guess the cloaking device isn’t working..

Global warming..hhhmmm..we are actually excited here in WA for “global warming” not in the scientific way at all.  We don’t want anything like that, but in our heads we dream of palm trees and sunny days and JOKE about when it’s going to happen.  Fantasy is just that, a fantasy..and well, you know us Washingtonian’s are all about the environment and stuff..RECYCLE EVERYONE…yeeaahh.

So I added a pic when the weather was obviously beautiful, and then the one ..well you’ll see.

Either way, I’m DONE, so tired of this.  Hopefully that big glowy thing in the sky returns soon!