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Plastic Wrap Has A Deal WIth Big Pharma..I Swear

Hello All,

I am now convinced that plastic wrap was created so us women, and I’m sure some men, go so completely bat shit crazy using it that we eventually need medication to continue with our daily lives.

OK, I know that’s most likely not true, but it’s how I feel.  I said most likely. 

Maybe I have yet to master the mastering of Saran Wrap?  You hear me Saran Wrap makers?  I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!

First, it’s doesn’t stick to anything.

Second, the entire roll falls out of the box and ROOOOLLLSSS across my floor where 100 square feet of it picks up all the kitty hair on the floor.  CAN I USE THAT? NO!  So I throw it away and start over again.

Third, it’s not wide enough for the bowl, so I must use multiple sheets.  This means multiple times of pulling that crap out and wrapping the top of the bowl like a present.  Then my husband comes home and asks me if I’ve been fighting with the plastic wrap … AGAIN.

I tried Cling Wrap but the adhesive sicks to my dishes and then I have to scrape it off.  Hate that too.  It’s sucks.

Now that I’m writing this I completely realize it’s entirely my fault.

Sorry Saran Wrap, I guess I’m just ACTUALLY crazy, or better yet, the plastic wrap is smarter than I am.

I’m going to wrap my head in it now.

Just kidding.  I’ll just take my meds … it’s all good, really..I’m TOTALLY fine.  Image

I don’t really look like that.  My eyes would be bigger and my hair would look like I just stuck my finger in a light socket.  There would only be two sandwiches and the guy in the back would be crying.

Hope you laughed.