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Owl, Hawk, or Chupacabra?

So *this* happened.

IMG_4366 (2)

Yes, that is a pigeon’s head.

IMG_4367 (2)

Found it this morning. I have not yet ventured on the roof to see if the body is there.

What do you think?

IMG_4368 (2)

The other day we found a pigeon body (yes, just the body) on that very same corner of the roof.

We have been finding dead pigeons on our property for the past week or so.

The first time, we saw a stream of blood coming down the wall above the garage door. My husband just sprayed it off with water, without going on the roof to check.

The second time, we found just a body on that corner of the roof. It was whole. Like the head was just ripped off. And that’s it.

Then yesterday, there were 8 vultures in our backyard. They were ripping apart two dead pigeons in the yard.

Today, just a head. The body is quite possibly still on the roof.

My teens and I have been making up stories about what it could be:

1) Our long lost cat has come back and is now some feral thing living on our roof.

2) There is a serial pigeon murderer among the mass of pigeons that live on our neighbor’s roof (another story).

3) Someone is sending a message to those pigeons to not land on our house.

4) Could be an owl or a hawk.

5) It’s a chupacabra.

Oh, look. The vultures are back.


Any theories?