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I Pulled Off The Birthday!!


I did it!!  I can barely believe it.  We worked SO hard.  Not only did people call to say what a great time they had,  but also to tell me how beautiful the house was.  After they commented on Val being so great, and her two “dad’s” being so great.

Yeah, I’m drinking in those pics..lol.  Jason, Val’s dad (you can totally see which one he is) went on a “beer run”.  Mark is the tall one.


Jason is standing on a chair..lol.  They did that together.


Here’s Val and her zombie pencil toppers.  Gotta have zombies.

I can’t believe she is 15 already.


That’s my mom on the right, my sister Nichole, my nephew (her and Mike’s son) Quentin and Mike on the end.  It was awesome to have everyone!Image

Closest to you in the pic is Val’s “Poppop”( Jason’s dad), Helen (Poppop’s girl), Mark’s mom Marylin and Mark’s dad Don.  Yep!  All two of her families!  Mark’s dad, Don, is the one that works on our house with Mark EVERY day and weekend.  I thank God for him.  Poppop has a special bond with Val that began literally in the delivery room.  Yeah, EVERYONE was in the room.  I was pretty sure I was going to die, so I wanted to see everyone.  That’s why I only have one kid..lol.Image

Had to get my dad Tom in there! As I’m reaching for my drink..lol.  Mark is behind me.


This is a PIECE of art Valarie’s friend Aja drew.  Her mom and I are so close.  Her daughter is 14.  This made us all tear up.  I cried more than once.  I am still getting phone calls about this.  She said “Everyone should have a picture of what they really look like.”  It has become one of Val’s most prized possessions.  It is really incredible.  Yes, her mother is totally all over this talent!  I look at it every day.  It also helped Val in the self-esteem issue she has been having.  Yes Val.  You are beautiful, and smart and …well the picture says it all.


Finally, the most important.  Valarie, me and her father.  I picked a great dad.  She knows she is first and we put our differences aside for HER.  It makes us better parents and better people.  We laughed so hard.  Jason was making us make faces. 

I am so proud of my daughter, my family. 

I love everyone so much.

Here’s to a rich life full of love and family.

MJ, wish you were here. 


Hello All!

After spending about 6 months at my sister’s house I am finally home.  Well, now I feel like I have two homes.

I was there to take care of our kids, three of her’s one of mine, two dogs, the house and the yard.  I didn’t do so hot with the yard..that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Anyways, my brother-in-law was getting tandem stem cell transplants to fight a particularly nasty form of lymphoma.  Mike and my sister, Nichole had to live in Seattle at an apartment in the Pete Gross House.  While Mike was getting the treatments, my sister was his caregiver. 

Without her being there, I don’t think this would have been as successful as it was.  Mike looks and feels great. 

They are so happy to be home!

I learned that no
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How Do You Iron Without Strangling Someone With The Cord?

I hate you, Iron.  I hate you so much.
I hate you, Iron. I hate you so much.

I was ironing this morning.  My husband has an interview this week, and he needed a shirt ironed, to go with his suit.

I hate ironing.  With a passion.

I tried to pass it off on my oldest daughter last week, but, being a teenager, she conveniently kept forgetting to do it.  So I did it today.

It’s not that I don’t know how to iron.  I do.  My mom taught me, and I did it in Home Economics class in 7th grade.  Do they even still have Home Ec class?  I just found out the other day that Health class in Jr. High isn’t a requirement anymore.  Sad.

Anyway, I know how to iron.  Maybe it’s my OCD nature that makes me hate ironing.  You know those irrational thoughts, “If I don’t get this one wrinkle out, something bad will happen.”  And getting every single wrinkle out is completely impossible.  You iron one sleeve, then the other.  You look back at the first sleeve, after you’ve ironed part of the shirt, and it doesn’t look so cleanly pressed anymore.  That drives me C R A Z Y.  So, yeah, I iron it again.  I’m a perfectionist, so that doesn’t help either.

Do you see why I hate ironing so much?

My mom irons my dad’s shirts for work all the time.  She watches TV while doing it.  I’m sure most wives can accomplish this feat.  Not me.  How she has the patience to iron that huge stack of shirts is beyond me.  Maybe it’s relaxing for some women.  I don’t know.

I rarely have to iron though.  I’m just complaining.  Do you like ironing?  If you do, why?