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MJ’s Jewelry Pieces

I have to say that I am beyond proud of MJ.  Her jewelry is wonderfully done.  It is truly “her”, whimsy, faerie, woodsy, delicate, creative, not ordinary, and endlessly feminine, which is kind of funny because you wouldn’t catch her in a dress unless she’s forced to wear one.

 Everything she IS she has worked into her pieces.

One summer while I was visiting we just made jewelry like crazy.  We learned from each other, collaborated on stuff, and I taught her a few things. 

What I can’t teach her is what she already has inside of her.  She brought that out all by her DANG self and took off with it!  Here we now have beautiful one of a kind pieces of art.  All I really showed her was how to wrap a head pin..lol!  She has such a creative mind.  I love her style.

Growing up, both of us thought we had issues with “finding” our style.  Looking back I can see it was always there, I would say more for her than me, but I think she would say the same about me. 

Now that we are older and fearless, we aren’t scared to run with the faeries, chase the butterflies and believe in magic!  MJ clearly shows that in her jewelry. 

MJ, you are creating magic!  Keep going!  I’ll get on track one of these days, but for now I just love to see what you are doing. 

Someone asked me if I was jealous!  NOPE!  I am proud!   I love that you call me and ask me what I think.  You sometimes think you are bothering me, but NEVER!  I am always excited to see what you have come up with. 

Are you giving that necklace to you know who?  I think you should… sorry I’m a tad biased 🙂

I Love you to the moon MJ!  You are my inspiration, since we were FIVE!  (did you know that?)

Here’s to lifetime friendships! 

Sprinkled with some faerie dust…

Yes MJ, I know it’s Saturday, I just couldn’t help myself, had to write about you!

The pic is a ring that MJ bought me …oh IDK.. Maybe 15 or more years ago??  Let’s just say forever ago.  I wear it on my left thumb, and I’ve even replaced a stone.  I will NOT take it off, they even let me wear it during surgery.