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Beauty and The Beat..and The Beast

I know today is about beauty, but I can’t think of anything except how my brother-in-law used to tell me I had to “ugly” myself up before I went on patrol when I was a police officer.

I remember an incident I was called out to.  It was a dang good thing I looked good that night.  I put my long hair in a quick braid, didn’t take off my make-up and forgot to take my earrings out.  The call was an intoxicated person laying in the middle of my highway.  Another officer had rolled up on him and had dispatch call me to my jurisdiction.

I arrived at the scene to see my town drunk LAYING in the middle of the highway.  I had thought I’d seen everything at this point.  He was argumentative to the other officer as I was walking up to him.

I looked down and he hadn’t looked at me yet and said “Sammy, get up and I’ll take you home.”  He said “If you take me home I’ll kill you.”  WELL THAT’S A ONE WAY TICKET TO JAIL!  So, I told him I was going to take him to jail.

Sammy turns over and looks at me, eyes glazed over and said. “I’ll go anywhere with YOU, just not HIM.”  I said “Well, you’re going to jail for threatening the life of a police officer AND public indecency.”  At this point the other guy turned to LEAVE ME THERE!   I said “WHERE do you think YOU are going?”  He said “Well, it looks like you have things handled.”  I said “I don’t have anything “handled” until he is in cuffs and properly searched and stuffed in MY CAR!”  The other officer was on his way home and found it in his heart to back me up while I commenced to cuff and search Sammy.  What a JERK!  He even called me “little lady”, talk about the “good old boy” mentality.  Sammy on the other hand was pretty calm at this point.

We get to the patrol car and Sammy starts freaking out.  I whipped him around, batted my eyelashes so hard it hurt, and reminded him he was going with me.  Sammy’s eyes glazed again and he got into my car smiling like a kid.  I slammed the door shut and took a deep breath and than told Mr. Honky Pants he could go home now.

I saw Sammy at court about a week later.  He walked up to me and said. “Miss Emalie, I am so sorry for what I said to you.  I don’t remember that night but that’s not an excuse.  I quit drinking.  Can you forgive me?  I would NEVER hurt you.”  I had tears in my eyes.  I said “Of course I forgive you Sammy..just don’t do it again!”

Sammy hugged me.  I let him hug me.  Then he walked off.

Sammy died 3 days later of a heart attack while he slept.  He died peacefully.  Sammy had a long history and even though he doesn’t sound like a REAL bad guy, Sammy tried to kill his mother about 15 years prior to this stop.  He had a history of violence and when he said he was going to kill me I HAD to take him seriously.

Sammy’s mom forgave him and he got a lot of help.

Sometimes stories are funny, than turn into real life REAL quick.  That was the nature of my job, the nature of the beast.

Just another reason to look good, you never know when it might save your life.


My Life Is Now a Country Song..

I had to give my DOG to my mom.

First of all, I only live at home half the time now because I’m living at my sister’s.  I need to be there to take care of her house and three kids in order for Mike, her husband to complete his tandem stem cell transplants.

I see my own child every other weekend.  My house is on it’s way to being done, and I won’t be able to live in it.  My car is breaking down.

NOW I HAVE NO DOG!  I rescued her from my MOTHER’S house in the first place because her other dog was basically eating her.  Ray-la would attack Lucy out of nowhere.  SO I did what any good auntie would do and took Lucy for our own.

Lucy does not do well alone.  We rescued her from people who abused her, so she is a bit traumatized.

I wanted to have a baby.  NOPE..NOPE, now I need a hysterectomy.  No baby and no dog.  I bet my husband is REALLY HAPPY with me.

My husband cries, ACTUALLY cries when he sees Lucy’s little sweaters and her collar.  I on the other hand feel a sense of relief.  She did not do well at my sister’s, and now with Mike’s lowered immune system, she just can’t be there.

I think he is mad at me.  Giving a man’s dog away is not cool on so many levels.  I mean, sure we talked and he says he understands, but I know he is hurt.

I don’t know what to do.  We can take her on the weekends.  I just wonder if that would be harder than just letting my mom have her.  She is happy there and even the cat likes her.  Our cats try to mess with her head every chance they get.

So, now, no dog, no house, family on hold.  Not really a country song, more like I’m just whining.

Sorry.  It just hurts.

He left for work and didn’t seem happy at all.  Barely said two words to me.  Is it the dog?  Am I just being sensitive?  I am being a girl.  I AM A GIRL, and this girl has WAAAY too much on her plate.  Everything seems like a big deal.  Must be those hormones they are giving me.

I responded to a nice woman who’s NAME IS JENN WITH 2 N’S.  Do you think I put 2 N’s in her name when I responded to her???!!  NOOOO!! I saw that this morning and felt horrible.  She said it was ok, everybody does that.  I’m NOT everybody.  Some detective I am..I apologized to her this morning.  When you spell someone’s name wrong, especially when it’s STARING YOU IN THE FACE, it feels bad for the person.  Like they aren’t important.

Well, Jenn, you are important.  I was just to ADD and busy trying to help.  Some help..huh?

Take Care All.  Guess I’m at the end of my rope..


Here’s my saint of a husband and Lucy..he called her his “Puppin.”  I feel like I’m going straight to ..well, you know.