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Super AWESOME For REAL Wrinkle Cream!


I accidentally posted this without before and after pictures the other day, I apologize. Here they are! Wow, nothing like letting it all hang out..lol.
Ok you all know by now that my BB cream, coconut oil and gel cheek blush get me out of bed..but this stuff makes me want to do BACK FLIPS!
I’m talking about L’oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother SPF 30.
It is truly A MIRACLE!  I put it on the left side of my face first.  30 seconds later..OMG!  My daughter and niece were sitting with me waiting for results. My nieces eyes became HUGE she said “Go look in the mirror NOW, I can NOT believe this!  It worked! ” I shit you not my mouth dropped open when I saw the results. Excuse my language, but I am NOT messin’ around!  Not when it comes to magic “anti” wrinkle cream!
That’s what I’m going to call it! Anti-wrinkle cream..because THAT’S what it is!
It also blurs uneven skin tone. I have a large patch of melasma on my forehead. It wasn’t covered completely, but it was definitely less obvious.  Then the BB cream made it totally disappear.

It clearly without any doubts made a HUGE difference in not just fine lines but the deep lines also.
Ladies GET this. $19.99 of pure magic.
It feels soft like cashmere. I also put some BB cream on,  L’oreal also, although I didn’t really need to.
After 15 minutes it just looked better!

The only thing I would suggest is if you use it under your eyes make sure you use good mascara or waterproof as mine ended up under my eyes. My bottom lashes touch my face so I’ll just not cover my bottom lashes to the tips. I’ll give up “bottom lash length” for this every day..who cares anyway.  This makes me excited and hopeful!

Hey, whatever works right?

I’m going to write to L’oreal. I may not be THE face of L’oreal, but I AM their real everyday face! Maybe I’ll get a coupon..one can only hope.

Being in my situation, the stress, sadness, anger and a few bouts of sheer terror has taken a huge toll on my faith. A toll on my psyche and an obvious toll on my body.

This product is helping me fight..cancer SUCKS!  My brother in law is coming home August 5th! He BEAT IT!
I’m going to leave my “post” here at my sisters and go home looking and feeling strong, beautiful and ready for my new life, as it can never be the same.

I always say “fake it til you make it”. If you use this cream you won’t feel like you’re faking it! You’ll feel BEAUTIFUL.  One step closer to pure joy from beauty products. Who knew it could be so healing?

Give it a shot!  It’s totally worth it. Let me know what happens for you..I wish everyone happiness for $19.99. OK, It may not make you happy forever,  or at all if you’re severely pissed..BUT YOU’LL LOOK GREAT NO MATTER WHAT!