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I Have Found My Cosmetic Line!


My daughter has been battling acne for years now.  She’s mad because I won’t put her on Accutane.  She started puberty at 6, which is called “precocious puberty” and ever since then has been a walking bottle of estrogen.  Poor thing.  All we could come up with after a bunch of testing was the plastic in her bottle may have been the culprit.  They decided not to stop it and she started “blooming” immediately.

Now she is 14 and we have tried EVERYTHING!  Her dad even spent close to a thousand dollars for 3 light treatments called Levulon.  That seemed  to be working, then just recently she had her last treatment, which of course makes everything WORSE before it gets better.

No7 is a beauty line owned by the Boots company from the UK.  It is pharmaceutical grade and hypoallergenic.  It is sold. at least here, in Target stores.  They even have a rep on hand at most stores. 

I started out getting her the Beautiful Skin Hydrating Mask, the night cream, the day cream and the exfoliating cleanser.  All work just as well as expensive department store lines, but at half the price.

We recently moved on to the make-up.  I do NOT like the mascara.  The one that creates volume.  I don’t know the name of it off hand, and I’m at my sister’s, so I can’t go look.  Either way I don’t want anyone to use the mascara for volume.  It clumps and leaves a disaster in it’s wake. 

We recently purchased the blush and a lipstick.  This lipstick is very hydrating and shiny.  It’s like lip gloss with the color and staying power of a lipstick.  The only thing was I couldn’t find a color for ME, but for her it was easy.  We bought the mineral lipstick, that’s not it’s actual name, but it’s kind of flat and round, not like a traditional lipstick.  The matte one DOES stay on all day, no kidding.  I put RED on at the store and it was cool…for about 5 minutes.  I did look good in it, it’s just not “me”.

Recently the rep asked me if I want a part time job!  I would have taken it except I have to be here for my sister and the kids.  I have a job right now..maybe after?  My friends and I always joked that if I wasn’t a cop I would sell make-up.   Now there’s a stretch for you.

Have a beautiful day all!



This is a pic of the lipstick I was talking about. Not the matte one.

My Teen Steals My Makeup

New teeth.
New teeth.


One of the things that drags me out of bed and gives me the motivation to get ready and put my face on in the morning is my Pixi Sheer Cheek Blush.  Oh and eyebrows, but that is an entire post.  I will share all about eyebrows next Wednesday.  It’s riveting, really.

Yes my daughter is the main reason I wake up, don’t get me wrong, she’s my world.  But to be frank with you I’m just about at the end of my proverbial rope with all that has been going on, and my BB cream and gel blush make me feel like I can face the world.  No pun intended.

I am going with the “fake it til you make it” mantra.  I have found that if I look good I feel better.  Most importantly, my daughter doesn’t see that I look like a mess, and all is relatively normal.  It really helps her that I take time to take care of myself.  She likes it when I do my hair and makeup and dress like I have a purpose.  Which I do.

Needless to say thank the Gods there is gel blush.  That sounds so shallow.

Now it’s GONE.  GONE I TELL YOU!  I want to take all of her stuff and hide it.  I refuse to spend another $18 bucks on gel blush.  Although that’s pretty cheap for a few moments of me time and happiness.  Guess I’ll go today.  I swear I will go medieval on her if she touches my BB cream.  I am going to raid her makeup today while she is at school.  I know, how EEE-VIL of me, but drastic measures must be taken.  She also switched my mascara with old dried out stuff.  If your mascara dries up, run the wand under water for just a second, not even that long.  That will buy you two days or so to buy a new one.  I can’t live without it, ask MJ.  Mascara and lip gloss are my two must haves.  Well and the dang blush..man I can’t believe how frustrated I am over gel blush.  I even bought her her OWN for Christmas, little thief.

I have also found that my “people”, you know the daily people you run into like neighbors and “grocery store friends” notice that I look better.  That’s kind of scary because that means I obviously looked like crap for who knows how long.  Monica, my checker at the grocery store lit up the other day and said I looked beautiful!  She said “BEAUTIFUL”!  Made me feel good and I know she felt better.  We have shared a lot over the years and we look to each other sometimes just to stay “normal” and have a laugh.  Small things can help others.  I enjoy helping others.  It makes me happy.  Her comment also helped me realize that my appearance  had a negative effect on her.  That’s okay sometimes, but not all of the time.  Yes, we are real, but sometimes when other people know you are having a rough time just by looking at you, that can hurt them.  I know it hurts me to see the ones I love and care about look like they are hurting.

Here’s another beauty tip.  Teeth are REALLY important..lol!  Not just for beauty, but for your overall health.   I lost a lot in a serious car accident some years back.  My left side is done, still need 3 implants on my right side.  I was joking they should pull the rest of my teeth out of my left side so my cheeks caved in equally on both sides to give the appearance of cheek bones.  Then I found out some models ACTUALLY have their back teeth pulled just for that reason.  I think that is ludicrous.  For Pete’s sake people, leave your teeth alone!

That is a picture of me with my new teeth and makeup on.  I should add the “before” picture, but I don’t want to cause any secondary trauma to anyone.

Here’s to faking it til I make it!  Wish me luck..I just might need it.

Take Care All,