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I NEED A Beef Stroganoff Recipe

recipePlease..I am in need of an EASY beef stroganoff recipe. It is one of my favorite foods..but my stomach doesn’t like it so much.
I can eat dairy so I’m not sure what the deal is.
Any ideas?
(Chef Mimi, you know who you are!..lol) 🙂

OKAAYY, I couldn’t find the computer so I tried writing this off of my phone. DO NOT DO THAT if you are like me and can’t figure out how to save a picture. I could save your life, but I can’t save a picture on my $300.00 POS phone. I HATE CELL PHONES! Throwing mine off of a bridge soon.
If you find it, you can HAVE IT!
Sorry, off topic, needed to rant.
I have no recipes, I know nothing…I am to busy slaving over a hot microwave or toaster lately.