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Go! Go! Bobo

Go! Go! Bobo by Simon BasherThis is my toddler’s favorite book lately.  Thankfully, it’s one of those books that I don’t mind reading over and over… and over… and over again.

It’s very short, introducing six shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, star, and heart.

It’s about a baby named Bobo who bounces through several shape-themed environments.

Along the way (on every page), Bobo bumps his head on stuff, hence the bandaid.  It’s cute.  Trust me.

Go! Go! Bobo by Simon Basher

My toddler loves yelling, “Go!  Go!  Bobo!” and then giggles.

Go! Go! Bobo by Simon Basher

I trace my finger along Bobo’s path while I read and say, “Boing.  Boing.  Boing.”

Go! Go! Bobo by Simon Basher

Boing.  Splash!  The shapes and pictures in the book are embossed, so toddlers can feel the outline of the shapes.

We have many of Simon Basher’s books, including his Earth Science Library, The Period Table: Elements With Style!, and Biology: Life As We Know It!

We love Basher books.  Any of his books make a great addition to a homeschooler’s library.