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I’m A Gaming Mom

Yes, I play and love video games.  I know a lot of moms hate these things, and I know the reasons.  My husband doesn’t like video games.  When I used to have time to play, I would not play when my husband was home.  And I definitely would not stay up at night to play, forcing him to go to bed alone.  I love video games, but I know when the time is appropriate to play.  The games I normally play are RPGs, or role-playing-games.  For those of you non-gaming moms, this isn’t a type of bedroom game you play with your husband.

One of my first RPGs was Final Fantasy VII – one of my all time favorites – and I nearly came to tears when Aerith died.  I sat stunned, thinking “WT-effing-F?!”  I played Silent Hill, another all time great, and sat in the dark with my stomach in knots, looking over my shoulder and jumping out of my skin whenever the cat so much as sneezed.  I did the same with the first Resident Evil.  In Tomb Raider, I loved making Lara Croft do all those cool moves.  Dragon Age, Uncharted, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, RPGs and action games – I’m as bad as my teens sometimes.

But for me, the best games ever are the Elder Scroll games.  I admit, I started with Morrowind but instantly fell in love.  Hours upon hours I spent in Oblivion, skipping wherever I went to increase my acrobatics skill and traveling with my best bud, Storm Atronach.  And then there was Skyrim.

I gave birth to my youngest daughter earlier that year.  I pre-ordered Skyrim as soon as it popped up on Amazon, telling myself that my daughter would be self-sufficient enough by that time for me to spend at least a few hours a day playing my game.  No such luck, of course.  I’ve only played it three times since I got it last year.  Now my teens play it.  *sigh*

They talk about making weapons and killing dragons; about exploring towns and the surrounding wilderness; and about all the strange and exciting people they run into.  After playing it a total of three times (about 15 hours of gameplay), I had just made it to my first town.  My kids have essentially ruined the game for me.  Now non-gamers might think these last few sentences (as well as this whole post) as idiotic.  I really don’t care.  Gaming moms get what I’m talking about.

I’m the type of gamer that if you’re playing the same game as I am, and you’re farther ahead than I am, I don’t want to hear about it.  Nothing.  Don’t even tell me about some cool spell you whipped out or so much as making a stew.  By the time I actually feel like playing Skyrim again, my youngest WILL be old enough to fend for herself.  And by that time, the next Elder Scrolls will be out… or probably not.  Bethesda will still be spitting out expansion packs for Skyrim.

For now, my teens will probably be writing the reviews for the video games section.  Or I may just ask readers to review a game that they have played and I haven’t.