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Easy Facial Scrub

My daughter is obsessed with making her own facial scrubs and masks.  She has dealt with skin problems and is looking for better alternatives to store bought skin care products.

One of the things she makes, and this is wonderful, is a scrub that leaves your skin moisturized and soft.  The scrub isn’t too harsh and can be used anywhere on your body.

I have to admit it gets a bit expensive when she uses my GRAPE SEED oil, and ALL OF MY COOKING oils.  Every now and then she clogs the shower drain with oatmeal.  That one stopped.  I was like “Really VAL?!!  The tub does not have a garbage disposal!”  But other than that it makes her happy, and really who could ask for more than a happy teen??

Here’s her scrub.

Take about 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar

add some honey

add some vitamin E

add some grape seed oil

Mix it all up and wash over your face or body.  Remember..you MAY want to do this over your kitchen sink.

You will have soft freshly polished skin.  She used this right after having a light treatment and it didn’t hurt her at all.  This is nice considering the light treatment leaves you feeling burned, and looking burned for about a week.  It was the alternative to Accutane, which we are not ok with at all.

Here’s to happy kids, and clear faces.  It smells good too.  Probably make a good marinade of some kind..BEFORE you put it all over your face.Image

See this face?  This is why I don’t lock her in the closet when the drain get’s clogged..I love her so much!  I’m still hiding the oatmeal.

There Is Beauty In Life And In Death

I think today is supposed to be about beauty.  My grandma was beautiful in so many ways. She taught me so many things.  The things that you carry with you through life. The things that help keep you alive and allow you to enjoy your life.  True wisdom, I have found, is not easy to come by, but it may be easier if you are open to listening.  Here are a few things my grandma taught me.

She taught me how to fish when I was 5.  What is that saying?  Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.  That is wisdom.

She taught me to enjoy the little things.  We never had a TV, and yet I was constantly amused.

We picked huckleberries and canned fruit we picked from the orchard in Idaho.

We sewed and made quilts.

She taught me how to fry ants with a magnifying glass..yeah, I know.

She taught me the value of money and fine things.  We didn’t have many fine things, but what we had was amazing.

She taught me beauty secrets like witch hazel and vitamin E mixed together makes a great moisturizer.  She loved Charles of the Ritz Revenescence.  What I would give for a bottle of that magic serum!  Smelled like almonds.  I wish I had some.  I would use it every day.

She taught me to stand up for myself with grace and integrity.

She told me stories of when she was a nurse during WWII, she was a 2nd lieutenant in the nurses corps stationed at Brigham City Utah.

She taught me how to be a warrior.

She taught me how to love and laugh.

She taught me to pray.  She said to be specific and always thank my higher power even before the prayer was answered.

And in death, she taught me the true meaning of giving.  I gave her peace.  The peace she had given me so many summers of my life.  I held her hand and took her pain…ok my Grammie had a wicked dry sense of humor, so YES, it was all in writing.  She picked ME to carry out her wishes.  What an honor.

I closed her eyes and sent her on her next  journey.

Without her wisdom I don’t know who I would be today.  But I know she was proud of me.

I love you Grammie.  Rest in peace.


My Grammie and I at my wedding.
My Grammie and I at my wedding.