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It’s Spring In Seattle..and SNOWING!


Yep! I said snow!  Oh, it’s also 29 DEGREES!!  WTH!  I’m done complaining though.  I LOVE a good storm, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, hail, snow.  Unfortunately we don’t get good storms too often, but we’ve had quite the week for wind and rain.  Now the snow is here.

This picture is from today, off of the news, so it’s not just a pic of “snow in Seattle” it’s real time.

It’s not that unusual for us to experience snow later in the year.  In April of 2008 we had snow and June we had snow in the mountains, foothills even.  We had a cold snap June of 2008.  2008 was kind of crazy for us.  Last year we had an ice storm to rival all ice storms across the country.  We lost so many trees it was unreal.

During the ice storm 200,000 people were without power, at least one person died and our Gov. declared a state of emergency.  It was very surreal.  The snow makes everything so quiet.  When we went outside, the sound of the tree branches cracking and falling sounded like bombs going off, EVERYWHERE.  We had to be extremely careful where we stood.  I don’t want ANY trees in my yard over 6 feet now.  They scare me.

We’ll see what happens today.  It should warm up into the upper 40’s by noon.  I’m supposed to drive into Seattle, almost 50 miles away today..wish me luck.

No worries though, if it gets too bad I won’t risk it.

Happy Spring!!  Let it snow, let it..ohh whatever, just give me some SUN!!


Incredibly Shi$@% Weather in Seattle

Pretty Weather

I wasn’t really sure what to write about, until I woke up for the umpteenth day in a row, looked out the window and saw…nothing.  OK, Saturday was sunny..before that and after has been total crap..CRAP!

During “The Sunny Time”,   I was taking pictures of Mt. Rainier.  The sunset, the sunrise..so pretty.  Now it’s GONE..well, it looks like it’s gone.  I always think of writing a poem about the floating mountain, the mountain that hides in the clouds in the sky.  But as you can see, I can’t write poetry for crap.  So I take pictures.

Today I took my usual pic and it shows nothing..except a reflection I have been catching that looks like a UFO.  It’s pretty cool..except it’s a reflection, not a UFO.  I guess the cloaking device isn’t working..

Global warming..hhhmmm..we are actually excited here in WA for “global warming” not in the scientific way at all.  We don’t want anything like that, but in our heads we dream of palm trees and sunny days and JOKE about when it’s going to happen.  Fantasy is just that, a fantasy..and well, you know us Washingtonian’s are all about the environment and stuff..RECYCLE EVERYONE…yeeaahh.

So I added a pic when the weather was obviously beautiful, and then the one ..well you’ll see.

Either way, I’m DONE, so tired of this.  Hopefully that big glowy thing in the sky returns soon!

Seriously… Unicorns?

I enjoy reading about bugs. Yep, insects. I LOVE bugs, and anything venomous. My favorite books growing up were “Venomous Animals” by Robert Burton M.A., and “Master Snickup’s Cloak, by Alexander Theroux”, more about why I was reading about the Black Plague at 5 years old in another blog..my mom had strange interests and didn’t think twice about leaving disturbing illustrated books laying around. I was going to get cultured whether we had the money or not!

I also love to read about rocks. Yep, rocks. Pretty interesting stuff actually..sounds bad now that I’m writing this. Well, a lot of my books are more like “text books”. I am also into the weather and cloud formations, so I have a lot of weather books also. I know everything about rain, EVERYTHING! That’s usually good conversation with someone for ..ooohhh..about 30 seconds. Then they just look at me funny as I point out an anvil cloud, or how cicadas and black widows have moved into our neighborhood, or “WOW, don’t move, you are stepping on a rare form of iron quartz!” ..so I just lie to people and tell them I am reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I’m sure that is a great book, but I found it to be too disturbing to read. I’ll watch the movie. No, I am not reading 50 Shades of Grey..not doing it.

When my daughter was little I read bug books to her every night! Then, one night as we were getting ready for bed, I pulled out a bug book and my daughter said “Mommy, can we read about something ELSE tonight?” mortified, I replied “But baby, you LOVE bugs!!” She said “No mom, YOU love bugs.” I started to sweat..teeth clenched, I said “OK, sweetie, what would you like me to read about?” ..here it comes..she said..

“UNICORNS!” I almost cried. Unicorns?? I didn’t even read about those at her age! I mean mermaids, sure, princesses and frogs no problem but UNICORNS? I was actually upset. It was then that I realized I was taking the time of reading to her to selfishly read what I wanted to read, not what SHE wanted to hear. I felt like a horrible mother. Then I found a big book about unicorns. The first couple of times I read it, she could tell I wasn’t having a good time because I kept getting distracted and skipping pages on purpose hoping she would fall asleep and I wouldn’t lapse into a coma.

I used to read true crime novels all of the time. I am friends with Ann Rule, the well known author and former police officer. Her son, Andy used to bring me her newest books, she would write to me in the book and I am in awe of this woman. She writes like people paint a picture. There is no doubt at all about what she is trying to convey in any of her books. So, naturally, during one of her books I had the worst nightmare I have ever had in my life. It was 5 years ago, I haven’t forgotten a single detail of that nightmare. Needless to say that ended my true crime reading spree.

Right now I am enjoying books by Jonathan Kellerman, specifically the Alex Deleware novels. I am currently reading The Murder Book, by Jonathan Kellerman. I enjoy crime, but not real crime. It can’t be too real. I have lived that and I don’t want to read about real stuff before bed. The only exception to that would be the bugs, weather and books about rocks and minerals. Those are real, but really cool. To me anyways.

My daughter just read White Oleander. Apparently I learned to just leave books laying around from my mother. My daughter thought the book was “Great, but really disturbing. I couldn’t put it down mom, it was like a train wreck, and who the heck would write something like that!?”, so she picks out her own books now…carefully.

I feel like I need to apologize for not being more interesting, but for now instead of watching grass grow, or paint dry, I’ll continue to read about rocks, bugs and the occasional murder mystery that isn’t real.

Did you know that rainbows are actually FULL CIRCLES? Yep! See, that book paid off! I bet you didn’t know that..