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Shrimp With The HEADS ON!


Yep, I said with the heads on.  And the shells, and the legs and the tails. 

My family loves seafood.  They love shrimp, or prawns.  My daughter will eat the tails of the shrimp and crispy fins of fish.  She is otherwise picky which made this seem so odd to us at first.  I, on the other hand, do not enjoy the tails or fins of any creature, although I’ve heard oxtail soup is amazing.  I want to try that someday.

We have a giant Korean supermarket by my house.  My daughter and I went to buy some shrimp one night for dinner.  The least expensive was fresh water prawns.  They were full prawns with the heads and tails..everything.  I bought a couple of pounds of them and they were AMAZING!I  My husband was not excited about this until he peeled and ate one.  He still talks about how these were the best prawns he had ever had!  He got past the heads and legs real quick after the first one.

All of the flavor is in the head and shell of the shrimp.  I have heard this numerous times, but didn’t understand the immense difference until I made this.

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and toss the prawns or shrimp in.  Cook until pink and opaque, not long, you don’t want to overcook them.

Drain and serve with melted butter and lemon or garlic butter.

It’s more work to peel them, but I guarantee you will love them.  They are a treat because they aren’t cheap, so why not get the best flavor possible?

I usually have French bread and a vegetable for sides.  The next day they are great on a salad, after you peel them and twist the heads off..yeah, I know, trust me, it’s better than good!  I must say I only had some left over once.  We had steak that night too, so we were full.  Other than that I have never had any left.  Now I only buy the whole shrimp, or prawn.