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The Absolute BEST Product For Curly/Wavy Hair of Any Type..I Promise!

curlshairtwirl around


I’ve been recovering from my recent hysterectomy.  4 1/2 weeks later I’m still not 100%, but I’m up and about now.  This means doing my hair again..lol.  I had an excuse for about a week.  I have curly, wavy long fine hair.  I have a lot of hair but it is very fine so it’s hard for me to find products that help with the curl, stop the frizz, but don’t weigh my hair down even more than the length does.

I stumbled across this product by accident.  My sister had it under her sink and I thought “What the heck, I’ll give it a shot.”  So, I used my Kenra blow dry spray and THEN I used Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around.  The Twirl Around is a “crunch free curl definer”, as said on the bottle, and they aren’t lyin’! 

This product is wonderful.  Especially in the wet or humid weather we have been having.  I can allow my hair to air dry with this product, which I haven’t been able to do AT ALL since I’ve let it grow so long.  I don’t have to wash my hair every day with this either.  I usually wash my hair everyday because my scalp is oily and my hair is fine.  Unlike MJ, my hair doesn’t look shiny when I don’t wash it, it looks greasy…it looks like I don’t care about myself.  MJ is so lucky!!  I tried everything she does.  I noticed that I can do it in AZ, but not here in WA.  I think the extremes in the weather are to blame.  I love my hair when I visit her.  Here, not so much, but I wouldn’t give it up either.

The product seems and is very thick coming out of the bottle.  You’ll think “omg, I’m putting glue, or wax in my hair” but you will soon see when you scrunch it in, like a good moisturizer it just melts into your hair and brings those waves and curls out!

I only write about a product if I truly LOVE it.  I LOVE Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around and I would suggest this product to anyone, any and all hair types.  I have even straightened my hair after applying it, and it worked wonders for that too.  When I straightened it, it didn’t “flow” as freely as I like, but it maintained the style the entire day, and that day, weather wise, sucked.  There was wind, rain, hail and frozen rain, I am not even kidding.

Let me know if you give it a try and what you think! 

Here’s to great waves, fun curls and an even better attitude…for me at least!


I edited the post and inserted today’s “hair” So, this is after waiting in the rain and wind for 15 minutes for a late bus. Not too bad considering the wind is 15 mph sustained! It looks even better when it’s not wind blown and wet!
I added another of curls UNDER my hair. This is after all day, no brushing, no curling, just actual shiny curl! I usually have to hide the underside, or curl it. I hope that wasn’t overkill, but I was shocked to see the nice “almost” ringlets!

A Good Foil Does Wonders!

Well I had my hair done! FINALLY..

My hair is dark blonde and I need a boost every now and then.

A lot if people want me to cut it..but I don’t want to. I’ve waited 4 mos. To get my hair done!

The gal who did it didn’t charge me ANYTHING!  I felt taken care of and pampered.


New blonde! Makes me feel pretty again! I won’t wait that long next time.

We sacrifice for our families..but this was too much. It’s me and helps me feel good!

Remember to take care of yourself!

AMAZING Hair Mist..”Gets Me Out of Bed” Amazing!


This stuff is A-mazing.  Seriously.  Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Mist, with jojoba and safflower oils not only helps dry your hair faster, it detangles and smells like HEAVEN!

My hair is really long and wavy.  It is not thick, but I have A LOT of fine hair.  So it is heavy and takes forever to dry.  I also color it about 4 times a year, just some highlights thrown in here and there, so it does get dry and brittle.  That makes it hard to comb out and especially hard in the shower.  Here at my sister’s the water pressure is low so rinsing out conditioner takes forever.

I get out of the shower and use this mist and it’s like magic. Just mist it all over towel dried hair, focus on the ends and middle of hair, just mist a bit on your crown.  I don’t have any tangles and it doesn’t leave my hair oily.  I have to wash my hair every day.  Because the weather sucks so bad here in Seattle, I have had to dry it every day also.  If I don’t I’ll freeze to death…well it feels like I will.  So this helps dry faster and protects my hair.  Sometimes I don’t dry my hair, and I still use this.  My hair air drys without frizzing and the scent lingers longer.  I think I love the scent more than the product, although it DOES do everything it says it does..and more.  It just leaves my hair soft and shiny.  That’s hard to do with blonde.  Shiny blonde tends to look oily.  This makes it shiny.

I hate blow drying my hair.  Now I love this stuff so much I look forward to washing and drying my hair.  I recommend this product to anybody, especially if you feel like you need to do something special for yourself, or if you are like me and just need something to get your butt in the shower and start the day.  I can’t explain the scent, kind of a coco-nutty, fruity, tropical like scent.  HEAVEN!

If you have course hair or your hair isn’t very oily you can use this on the ends of your hair the day after you shampoo to detangle and add some shine.  It’s especially nice for next day pony tails or up do’s.  Just the ends though.  If you put it near your roots when dry it will look oily.  So just a bit on the ends and comb through.

Now to get it cut and colored..hopefully Monday.  Just a trim and some bleach..gotta love bleach!  I haven’t had the time or money to get my hair done.  At the salon I would pay upwards of $150 for a foil, so, yeah..NO.  A friend of my niece’s is going to come and do my hair here for about $40.  Which makes me feel a bit guilty, but I am doing a lot and need the help.  Like I have said before, taking care of myself and looking good helps me and helps the kids.  Being the one my family needs right now means keeping my head on and making my head look good in the process.  If that makes sense.

Still faking it til I make it!  So far so good, since it doesn’t feel like I’m faking it so much anymore..(knocking on wood).