Been Gardening…

I know.  I know.

Em and I have been severely neglecting our blog.  Life and ADD have been getting in the way.

I don’t know about Em, but I’ve been taking lots of photos and have lots of post drafts saved.  I just need to… ya know, follow through and finish.

I’ve been gardening again, though!

I’ve been dabbling in different planting methods.  More like half-assing them or only partially implementing them on purpose.



My bare root roses that I planted in December are starting to bloom.


It’s been fun because I didn’t mark any of them, and I didn’t plant any duplicates.  So it’s a surprise each time one plant blooms.


I planted all sorts of colors and types, mainly fragrant, hybrid ones, though.

There are about 20 bushes but only a few have opened their buds.


Everything else is flowering and doing really well.


Ice plants.


My daughter’s azalea plant is pretty much throwing up flowers left and right.


I’m planning to propagate this potato vine and create a wall of these things on the chain link fence.


So gardening has been my focus lately, among all the mom and wife duties.

I’m still working on that post about lasagna gardening and Hugelkultur.  I’ve been sort of implementing these methods.

As you can see, everything is growing wonderfully.  Plus, I have no weeds.  That’s the best part.

Em and I are still here, if not completely.  Thanks for sticking around!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Been Gardening…”

  1. I love the new look ladies! I am looking forward to some blooms around here but Old Man Winter is still pushing Mother Nature around! Once Mother Nature is done with her hot and cold flashes, look out!

    1. Thanks! Still wondering if this theme works for us.

      We had a really mild winter here. I think Em actually got snow recently. Make sure you take pics of your blooms and share them on FB! There are so many that I can’t plant here because of the heat, but I wish I could.

  2. Your flowers look beautiful. I love that you planted and didn’t label ‘what is what’. As an adult, most surprises we tend to get are shocking words that come out of someone’s mouth or crap like that, so to be able to step outside and be constantly surprised by a new bloom is a great idea.

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