Living Without An Oven: A Mini Pizza Recipe


So the oven doesn’t work in this house.  We have yet to fix it, as I told my husband I don’t really need it right away to cook.  There are other things to fix around the house that take priority over an oven, and I can cook on the stove and grill stuff.

My kids are bummed.  We all miss our homemade cookies and baked treats, as well as our homemade gluten free pizzas.  My daughter, ever so clever, figured out a way to make some mini pizzas that quell their occasional itch for pizza.  It’s not gluten-free, but that can be easily remedied by using some gluten-free tortillas.  If there is such a thing.  Personally, I don’t know; I haven’t really looked yet.

Here’s what she used:

Muffin tin
Flour tortillas
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella, shredded
Pepperoni, chopped

First, she cut the tortillas into smaller disks,… ahem… using the top of my martini shaker.  We didn’t have a round cookie cutter, and she looked through the cupboards and thought that was the perfect size.

Then she placed the disks in a muffin tin.  My son ate the scraps of tortillas.

After she tucked the tortillas in place, she spooned the pizza sauce into them.


Then she sprinkled some mozzarella in each cup and topped each “pizza” with the pepperoni pieces.


“Where did she bake it,” you ask?  She baked it in our toaster oven!  I don’t know how long she baked it for.  I apologize.  But with our toaster oven, we just watch things.

My son always comes over and sees us cooking things or warming stuff up, and he asks us, “Hey, how long did you put it in there for, so I can make some.”  My daughter and I always answer, to his disappointment, “I don’t know.  We just watch it.”  🙂

Anyway, Voilà!  Mini pizzas!


7 thoughts on “Living Without An Oven: A Mini Pizza Recipe”

  1. I love it! We do ours on pita bread. I don’t I have seen the gluten free variety but in fairness I haven’t looked either. Smiles all around when Pita Pizzas are on the menu!

    1. Oooh… on pita bread sounds good, too. I’ll have to look for some gluten free varieties. I just found a recipe for gluten-free french bread that I’m going to attempt soon. I’ll post it if it turns out yummy. I was totally a bread and pasta girl before going gluten-free… ahem… I mean, partially gluten-free. I still cheat. I had a donut today.

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