The Girl in the House

Em here. I would like to share an adventure.

While returning home from grocery shopping a few months ago, I spotted a lot of black smoke spewing from a chimney of a house right along the street. Smoke began to pour out of a window, and it appeared nobody was home. Being the curious/ex-cop run-into-danger-type, I pulled over to investigate.

Upon walking up to the door I saw a little girl, about 7 standing in the living room holding a little dog. I rang the bell and yelled at her to open the door and come outside. At this point the neighbor showed up, I told her to call 911. There was a massive chimney fire. The neighbor said she THOUGHT there was a kid inside but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to SCARE the child. I told her she was an idiot as politely as I could, turned around, grabbed the kid and dog and took them away from the house.

Fire and aid showed up, I had frozen food that was thawing out so I got back into my mom mobile and cleared the scene. All was safe.

Now I ask myself, WTH was wrong with that woman? So a fire is better than scaring a kid for a few seconds?? She was more afraid of the fire.

She hugged me. I hugged her back. Nothing like a hug from a little girl who needed someone!

More adventures to come.

Comments? Questions? Personal Story?

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