I Thought My House Was Haunted!


MJ’s recent creepy house hunting experience reminded me of my first house.  It also makes me want to go there and investigate that house..one never knows!

My first house was built in 1920 and was set in the foothills of Enumclaw, WA, out in “the country”.  First of all,  the word enumclaw translates roughly as ” the land of evil spirits”  or “home of evil spirits”.  I’m not sure as to which native language this word originates from, but Mt. Rainier, a volcano, is only 60 minutes from Enumclaw, so it is said that the Native American’s that lived in the area were speaking of the rumblings from lots of small earthquakes, or even small eruptions long ago.  So, when I first looked up the meaning, I was less than thrilled, but when I researched it more, it made sense so I just “filed” it and forgot about it.

My house was white, set on two acres, backed by a salmon stream and seemed like the perfect fixer upper.  There was also a small rental on the property that was occupied by a wonderful man named Eugene. I loved him very much.

I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter when the sale went through.  My husband, (at the time,we are divorced, I am re-married), and I decided to go visit the house one night right after we bought it.  We were so excited and there was lots of work to be done.  We had been living in a studio apartment while searching for a house and Valarie, our daughter was coming soon!

We walked into the dark empty house and started looking around.  Next thing I know I hear a groan, a LOUD creepy GROAN.  It reverberated through the house.  I looked at Jason to see if he heard it, thinking maybe I was just crazy and pregnant. He just kind of looked at me funny so I didn’t say anything.  A few seconds later ANOTHER loud low groan..sounded like if you are trying to make a zombie noise or a stereo typical ghost like groan, only REALLY LOUD!

This time I said “OH MY GOD, did you hear that?” Jason said “Yes, did you hear the other one?” I said “Yep, I wasn’t sure if it was real!”   We paused, not moving, both of us too scared to breathe.  I’m thinking “I am so out of here”.  As we were standing there ANOTHER groan, low and ominous enters the house.  Jason said “Holy crap, aren’t they supposed to disclose something like this? I can’t believe this, really, I don’t even believe in this crap!”  I wasn’t thinking much except how fast I was going to run as soon as my legs would work.  ANOTHER loud groan came.

That was it.  We started running, Jason screaming like Flanders. Yep, 9 months pregnant and I was out running Jason.  We ran out of the door and toward the car.  We hear the moan again!  But this time it’s outside.  I said “Wait a minute, what the hell, why is it outside, is it following us?”  We started looking around.  Yes, we stopped like every dumb person in a horror movie and looked around..must be some truth to that.  At least I didn’t trip and nobody got naked.

Then, we found the source of our groans.

COWS!  The neighbor had three cows.  They were at the fence apparently curious about us.  We both started laughing hysterically.  We were far from country bumpkins, or any kind of “country” for that matter and we failed to realize we moved..to the COUNTRY.

It would have been a different story if the cows actually MOOED, but no, they had to groan.  Groaning cows..who would’ve thought..

So, no the house wasn’t haunted and we all fell in love with those cows.  The neighbor refused to slaughter them after years of playing with them, and my daughter even named them.  They were  the coolest animals ever, even if they gave me one of THE scares of my life!  They are the reason I don’t eat beef now.  I just can’t help but thinking of them and that night.  So curious, so cool.


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